Are Your Company Credentials on the Dark Web?

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What you see on the surface as the web is only 4% of the internet. The other 96% of the internet is made up of the deep web, which is 550 times larger than the traditional web. The smaller part of the deep web is the dark web which is the breeding ground for illicit and illegal activities online. This is where cyber criminals anonymously buy and sell your company credentials, such as compromised employee emails and passwords, that are then used to commit frauds like identity theft, corporate espionage, and innumerable other phishing scams

A dark web scan can reveal all your leaked company credentials as well as the source and the date the information was leaked on the dark web so that you can immediately remediate data breaches and proactively secure your data against future attacks. Getting a dark web scan can also help you:

Why Get a Dark Web Scan?

What is the Dark Web?

Determine the level of cyber security awareness your employees have by recognizing what credentials have been compromised and from where

Protect yourself early against fines and lawsuits that could be caused by more serious data breaches, especially if you're required to maintain strict privacy standards and your customers’ data is at risk

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